one more test

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Just one more test. I had uploaded the latest wordpress app to my blackberry storm (1 or 9530 or first model) and now I’ve uploaded it to my blackberry bold (9000). First of all, it is much easier for me to type on the bold. I like my storm and the large. touch screen, not to mention the camera, but I can type much quicker on the physical keyboard.
I will post this and probably stay with this new theme for awhile.
Wouldn’t be great if we all found something important, significant and helpful to post to a blog each day. We are inundated everyday with agendas and a lot of negativity. Wouldn’t it be great to tackle real challenging issues as a team with differing perspectives. Maybe just maybe we could find some solutions to issues instead of agendas.
Ok enough of that. I need to figure out if there is a spell check on this wordpress/blackberry application. Haha


This new them I am using gives me a twit…

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This new theme I’m using gives me a twitter-like box at the top to enter posts/blogs to this page. I can only do it when logged in, so I am guessing others visiting can only “reply” to posts. it is a nice short cut to post. There is another theme that really has a facebook/twitter look that may allow for an interaction between those posting to a page. I may set one up just to see if it works.
I am not sure why we all do this sort of thing. Maybe just to kill time, pass along thoughts to those who might be listening or to just share stories with families and loved ones. Maybe it’s just a little of everything. It is fairly easy to communicate this way.

a wordpress test from my blackberry

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Just a quick little post from my blackberry storm. Just updated the wordpress/blackberry app from a link at this morning. That started this last hour of blogging. Spending time looking at different themes, etc.
I read through a blog page of a life long friend yesterday and found myself so happy that it was there. I think it’s about time I should do a little of this. If only just to share a story or two.
Well I will publish this one from the blackberry and see if it works.

a breakaway in detroit

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Here is my test on this new theme with a video clip added to a blog. This is a clip of Dalton with a breakaway goal at a tournament in Detroit this September (2009). He is playing for Team Rocky Mountain U16 AAA team out of Denver, CO. One of the players father’s has videotaped many of the games and has edited some fantasic footage. We will all enjoy for years to come.

a new theme

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This theme may actually help me use my blog a little more. I will test it with my blackberry as well. Iwill see if it allowsdaltonblakerenegades1a me to link or display photos and videos. I’ll insert one of my favorites of the boys in this post, then I’ll try and do the same with a video clip in the next. I like posting a photo with a blog if anything to add some color to the whole thing. This photo was from the 2008-9 season of hockey. Dalton was playing for the Mountain States Renegades Midget Minor AA team and Blake was playing on the Renegades Mite team. For a lot of reasons I like this photo. One is that is see a lot of their day to day personality in the shot. Speaking of the shot, Tom Miller took the photo. He does a lot of things and one is photography. For more information on Tom’s photography go to

This year Dalton is playing hockey for Team Rocky Mountain (TRM) U16 AAA out of Denver. Blake is in his last year of mites. He was supposed to start today, but he has out grown his skates and I need to find a new pair for him.

That should be enough for testing this theme and posting a photo with a blog. Next up a video clip and then a post from my blackberry using the wordpress/blackberry application.

Spending some time on this page for the …

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Spending some time on this page for the first time in awhile. Trying new themes, etc. Can’t find a way to keep consistantly using this page. Maybe if I find the right theme.

… and so there became a copperslide

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Sometimes you decide to do things simply because you can. Sometimes you decide to do things simply because others can’t. Sometimes you decide to do things simply because others won’t and you will… and so there became a copperslide.

For a number of years, I have enjoyed the sound of a slide guitar. The slick and polished sound, the rock and rollCopperslideHeader1TMb electric slide guitar sound and the raw acoustic, down and dirty blues sound. The combination of different types of guitars and different types of slides has always provided many voices for the slide guitar.  I am not sure that I have a preference and certainly do not believe one type is better than the other. I think it is better to have more ground to explore than less. I encourage all slide players, from the beginner to the pro to have a number of different types of slides available. Listen to the differences between them. Find ways to use each whenever possible. Think of it as a way to expand the playing field.

Expand the playing field is what I decided to do. Over the years I have used different types of slides. I bought some and I made some. I enjoyed most. In that time, I have always been drawn to acoustic blues playing. The slide playing of the pre-war (WWII) blues players has always been with me in one way or another. There was a raw beauty in the sounds from those old recordings, something very natural and real. Also over the years, I started using a slide I made from copper. I enjoyed the feel, the weight and the raw sound it created. Somewhere along the way I thought that others should have one more option in the arsenal.

In the world of copper I found that not all things are equal or the same. I played around with a number of styles, sizes, weights, thicknesses, you name it… I tried it. This isn’t a trip to the hardware store as I had originally thought. It was finding what had the best tone for me. What produced the sound I was looking for. Over the years I found that tone and that sound.

Now I make and sell them at I have become a craftsman of sorts. Partly for a number of reasons and partly for reasons unknown. Probably more specifically because sometimes you decide to do things simply because others won’t and you will… and so there became a copperslide.