one more test

Just one more test. I had uploaded the latest wordpress app to my blackberry storm (1 or 9530 or first model) and now I’ve uploaded it to my blackberry bold (9000). First of all, it is much easier for me to type on the bold. I like my storm and the large. touch screen, not to mention the camera, but I can type much quicker on the physical keyboard.
I will post this and probably stay with this new theme for awhile.
Wouldn’t be great if we all found something important, significant and helpful to post to a blog each day. We are inundated everyday with agendas and a lot of negativity. Wouldn’t it be great to tackle real challenging issues as a team with differing perspectives. Maybe just maybe we could find some solutions to issues instead of agendas.
Ok enough of that. I need to figure out if there is a spell check on this wordpress/blackberry application. Haha


One Response to “one more test”

  1. Love the idea of community effort, Brian. And it’s great to have you posting again. šŸ™‚

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